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Imagen foto_00000006 Main Campus: administrative headquarters are located at Toesca 1783 Santiago Downtown.
Imagen foto_00000001 Gonzalo Hernandez Uribe Campus: This university building houses the Faculties of Law and Social Sciences, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communications, Social Sciences and Health Sciences. Access through San Ignacio 414, Lord Cochrane 417 and Parque Almagro.
Imagen foto_00000005 Vicente Kovacevic I Campus: This university building hosts the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Development and Landscape and the Faculty of Engineering. It is located on 1186 Santa Isabel Avenue, between Nathaniel Cox and San Diego streets, Santiago Downtown.
Imagen foto_00000008 Vicente Kovacevic II Campus: This University building hosts the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration. It is located on 1278, Santa Isabel Avenue, Santiago Downtown.
Imagen foto_00000003 Outreach Center: This building hosts the Admission Department, the Tuition Department and the Aula Magna. It is located on Lord Cochrane 418, Santiago Downtown.
Imagen foto_00000004 Sports Center: It is Located on Santa Isabel Avenue with San Diego, Santiago Downtown.
Imagen foto_00000002 La Serena Campus: It is located on 0405 Francisco de Aguirre Avenue, La Serena.