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The founders

In 1982 after the approval of DFL N. 1 of the Ministry of Education, which allowed the foundation of higher education institutions as non-profit private legal individuals, a visionary group of professionals founded the Universidad Central de Chile.

The University emerges as an educational project that considers the acquisition of specific knowledge and appropriate techniques to the professional practice, but also aims for the internalization of values, attitudes and behaviors that contribute the student to participate in the transformation and improvement of society.

Its founding bases rest on a spirit of solid values formation and strengthening of human capital, commitment and integration with society to build a better country. All of which within an independent and democratic institution, owner of its facilities and managed by its academic staff.

Unlike other universities, UCEN always had the dynamic force of its founders. The partners who initiated this beautiful work were: Professor of Philosophy Carlos Blin Arriagada, businessman Omar Mendoza Palominos, lawyers Hugo Galvez Gajardo and Gonzalo Hernández Uribe, the business agent Enrique Martin Davis, accountants Luis Flores Vera and Luis Castañeda Carrasco, and engineers Pedro Cruzat Fuschlocher and Vicente Kovacevic Poklepovic.

They were chancellors, vice chancellors, board members, general secretaries, and active members of the University. They were directly linked to the institutional environment, which marked a milestone on our institutional and political philosophy.

Several university buildings hold, as a tribute, the name of some founders. This is the case of the buildings Vicente Kovacevic I and II and the Outreach Center Hugo Galvez Gajardo. These two personalities were of great importance for the growth of the University and both died when complying with their duties.

Vicente Kovacevic was the first president elected to lead the Board. He was also academic vice chancellor, vice chancellor of Planning and Finance, and finally chancellor until his death. He was the driving force behind the construction of Parque Almagro University Campus, that now holds his name.

Hugo Galvez was chancellor and president of the Board, officer of the House of Representatives, attorney for the former Commission on International Exchange and the Banco Central, Minister of Labor of the former president Jorge Alessandri and Professor of Labour Law at Universidad de Chile. He was also founder and twice chancellor of the Corporation of Private Universities. He was a man of immense culture and human values, attributes that he tried to impregnate in our community

The founders Omar Mendoza, Luis Flores, Enrique Martín Davis and Pedro Rodolfo Cruzat, had a decisive role in negotiations to acquire the first properties of the University.

Mr. Carlos Blin Arriagada will remain in history as the first chancellor of the Universidad Central and first official representative of this new corporation.

The early death, on July 10, 1989, of the founder Luis Flores Vera, caused a tremendous impact on our early institution. Professor and accountant, provided with great services as General Comptroller of the Republic and the Universidad Técnica del Estado. This man brought us all his experience in university management.

The early rift of Luis Alberto Castañeda, Carlos Blin and Pedro Rodolfo Cruzat were an unfortunate loss for the institution. It should be mentioned their contribution especially in the beginning of the project. Pedro Rodolfo Cruzat, Vice Chancellor for Development with Luis Alberto Castañeda Carrasco, public accountant, Vice Chancellor of Planning and Finance and a member of the Board, were key figures in the process of documenting data to be submitted to the Ministry of Education in order to get the authorization of the university, the granting of legal personality and acquisition and construction of buildings.

Gonzalo Hernández Uribe was the last of the active founders in the University. He was general secretary, academic vice chancellor, chancellor, member and finally honorary president of the Board. He was a crucial leader in the transformation of the statutes of the University. His human principles, love and unconditional work to the entity over many years has inspired the new authorities and members of our community.

Gonzalo Hernández Uribe saw the dreams of nine men come true, who in a small office of the notary Hugo Guerra Baeza, on October 11, 1982, gave birth to the Universidad Central de Chile. Perhaps, by then they could not even imagine the magnitude that would reach the work they had just started.

  1. "More than once I meditated with my colleagues if the tremendous efforts we put on our shoulders, creating a private university, was beyond our strength and the sincere desire to work that we have initiated. Actually we could feel concerned in times of crisis, but that did not happen because we were not discouraged about the struggle or pessimistic about progress."
  2. Hugo Galvez: "We are in essence, a fluid and varied working community, whose mission is to give truth, beauty and hope in the existence of the nation to which we directly serve, and the humanity to which we are bound together by universal values that are ours to keep."
  3. Gonzalo Hernández Uribe: "The University hopes that students live together, learn to understand and tolerate each other, in the great task of guiding and educating people to contribute to the progress of the country."