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International Relations

The International Relations area is dedicated to creating, enhancing and expanding the university's international links in order to develop exchanges, activities, outreach and the internationalization of the institution.

Its mission is to promote, manage and support the academic development beyond our borders working with all the academic units (faculties, institutes, teachers and students), and the different directorships and vice chancellorships of the university.

The International Relations Department provides a set of policies and actions that generate cooperation in the higher educational world. It develops plans, programs and procedures to strengthen relations between the university and the community, companies, public and private agencies and other local, regional, national and international institutions.

It also promotes and maintains the management of institutional agreements. This Department is mainly aimed to strengthen student mobility, increase income and foreign exchange students, ensuring the economic and financial viability of the agreements and protocols, and deliver academic alternatives in undergraduate and graduate programs, and to conduct outreach and research.

The strategic areas of International Relations are:

The exchange of foreign and domestic students through agreements with universities on four continents, granting knowledge and cultural learning.

  • Inter-university networks through Alpha and Erasmus Mundo projects, for transference of knowledge that cause an impact on the academia and research.
  • Our relationship with universities in eleven countries and visiting international scholars


With the purpose of training professionals of excellence, the university has a large portfolio of international services, which is annually strengthened by adding new agreements with foreign universities and with active participation of students and teachers.

These services include:

  • Exchange program: Students have the opportunity to study one or two semesters in a foreign university associated to an agreement.
  • Scholarship Management: Administrative support in the application for scholarships abroad.
  • Management of international missions: It develops and plans international missions.
  • Management of academic internships.
  • Internships abroad for UCEN students.
  • Internships for foreign students or professors.