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Educational Project

Conceived as an inclusive, integrative University with public vocation, and highly committed with students, the community and social groups of lower -income groups, the Universidad Central completes gaps in the education of our students seeking to develop the skills required for higher education.

This educational project seeks respond to the demands of quality, inclusion and integration through curricula that incorporate learning gaps of students who enroll in the institution, achieving progressively the integrity of their education.

Consequently, the University sets its aspirations to serve the country with efficient and committed university work, seeking excellence in the integral education of individuals, with a thoughtful and caring spirit, valuing diversity and contributing to social development.

UCEN left its institutional mark on students, hoping that its graduates will be recognized as:

  • Competent professionals because they "know-that" or "know-what".
  • Competent professionals for they know-how.
  • Whole individuals because they learned to be.
  • A person who knows how to live.

Our educational project is supported by the following key ideas:

  1. A value-based formation that allows the development of individuals and citizens committed to the future of Chile.
  2. A professional training that in the context of a globalized society favors the construction of knowledge over the transmission of information in the learning process.
  3. A vocational training to validate the employability by considering employers requirements and the progress in the several areas of knowledge and practices.


The university has a competency-based curriculum in that it defines curriculum from a learning perspective, from identifying professional tasks that are considered key and allow a person to shape a training profile linked to the real world and the professional performance.