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Community Outreach

UCEN incorporates social outreach and its presence as a transverse policy to comply with the strategic priorities and institutional values of the university.

In this context, the institution understands community outreach as the set of activities established through many ways with the community and its different actors from the fields of teaching, research, technical assistance and extension, through various forms and mechanisms designed to obtain feedback for university activities, knowledge transfer and timely contribution to the country.

In order to strengthen the training of future professionals our institution emphasizes shared knowledge generation, whose practice involves the entire university community and is implemented through the following priority areas:


1. - Academic and cultural outreach: transfer of knowledge from different disciplines to the university community and the general population to seek a contribution for the benefit of society.

2.- Services: We have centers, institutes, laboratories, and programs to provide assessment and services for many institutions of the economy, which may be performed by direct contact or through public tenders or direct agreements.

3.- Public Policy: Contributing to the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies on relevant social issues, both locally and nationally, contributing ideas and solutions to specific problems of society, from a thoughtful, respectful and pluralistic discussion.

4.- Social Initiatives: social development-oriented work. Execute projects and activities that directly benefit the community allowing to improve the status of vulnerable groups at local, provincial or regional level in Chile.