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View, Mission and Principles

The university:

University linked to a heterogeneous society, firmly established in Santiago and in La Serena, Chile. It carries out a formative process oriented to develop integral individuals to whom it offers different levels of high quality academic programs to come up knowledge, in different areas of institutional concern. It works showing an efficient management and a financial solid position having future sustainability.


To offer Higher Education, of excellence, giving all-round training to individuals to build new opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, generating areas of knowledge linked to the institution, according to the society and the country requirements.



  • Integrity: permanent commitment of the institution members to behave and think in harmony with own moral standards taking into account the values of the institution.
  • Freedom: To express opinions or contrary ideas showing respect and cordiality.
  • Tolerance: To accept diversity referred to people, respecting their beliefs, customs, ethnicities and cultures.
  • Excellence: That involves to take a decision in order to start doing things well, on the basis of self-criticism and constant improvement.
  • Solidarity: Permanent support aimed at achieving the common good, in terms of empathy towards unfortunate people.
  • Justice: It is the virtue of giving each one his/her own, ensuring that each one gives and receives what corresponds, considering the individual as himself or herself, in relation to people and the community as a whole.
  • Dignity: To respect the person over any condition.