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Directorate of National and International Relations


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  Karen Molina González

 Director of International Relations

Political Scientist graduated from Universidad Central de Chile, with advanced studies in international issues. She holds a Diploma in Asian Studies at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and a Diploma in Thinking Internationally at Universidad de Chile.

Concerning her work experience, she has worked as a Coordinator for Asia Pacific and Advanced Human Capital, Head of the Department of Energy, Science and Technology, Astronomy Coordinator, Deputy Director of Energy, Science, Technology and Innovation, International Adviser, Alternate Coordinator for UNASUR and representative of the State of Chile in the negotiations of international organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With reference to her academic career, she has been a professor at Andres Bello Diplomatic Academy Professor, teaching Programs on Chilean Innovation System, State of Astronomy in Chile, Cooperation in the matter of science between the Asia Pacific and Chile's position in the multilateral regional integration.