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Faculty of Health Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences seeks to contribute to the quality of people's life, their families and communities through the training of professionals of excellence, knowledge generation and commitment to health needs of society.

The faculty dictates the following programs:

  • Nursing: its educational project is structured according to the needs and demands of the country as required by the Chilean Ministry of Health. Consequently, through varied methodologies this program promotes and delivers a leading student role, in which the teacher becomes a mediator and facilitator of learning, enabling to train professionals with extensive knowledge and skills, and individuals with a humanistic approach who value the human being from all dimensions.


  • Occupational Therapy: program that offers a strong academic background focused on the national health needs with a curriculum that is comparable to international standards. Students have over 1,500 hours of clinical practice from the first year of study. This is a comprehensive and updated program covering all areas of its current practice providing students with skills that allow them to work in: Occupational Intervention, Quality Management and Administration and Research.


  • Medical Technology: this program develops a curriculum according to the current needs of the country and the new requirements of scientific and technological progress. Our Medical Technologists hold strong ethical and humanistic principles, knowledge and skills that enable them to perform efficiently and effectively their preventive functions, promotion, protection and recovery of health, by medical examinations, diagnostic procedures and treatment of diseases that affect people and their environment.