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Faculty of Government

The Faculty of Government seeks to contribute to society from the field of government and public affairs, standing out in the production and dissemination of knowledge, service and training for community excellence.

The Administration degree opened in 1983 being the first of its kind to be taught at a private university for over 10 years. It has developed an innovative curriculum, which along Political Science enables students to obtain the degree of bachelor. It provides its students with tools to distinguish the approaches of Political Science and Administration, as well as its relationship with other disciplines, developing critical and reflective thinking and the abilities to analyze and synthesize.

The Faculty of Political Science and Administration offers the following programs:

  • Public Administration: program with over 30 years. UCEN was the first private university to impart this program degree. It has a curriculum that enables future public managers to meet the challenges of the modernization of the state and provides them with the skills to be key players in the implementation of new policies. It is the only one in the country which grants the degree of Bachelor of Political and Administrative Sciences in the fourth semester (second year).


  • Political Science: program that has an educational project that combines the study of politics with issues of government and public affairs, providing tools so as to have a more flexible and effective access to a wide range of activities. The School of Political Science is the only of its kind in the country where you obtain the degree of Bachelor of Political and Administrative Sciences in the fourth semester.