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Faculty of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering, with 30 years of existence, seeks to contribute to national development from the academic work with research and development, technical assistance and continuing education. Training entrepreneurs and innovative professionals in the area of engineering and with values such as pluralism, respect and tolerance, capable of generating national and international networks.

The programs offered by the Faculty of Engineering are:

  • Civil Engineering: has a modern curriculum that includes 11 semesters with a skills-based approach, through which students gain advanced knowledge of Engineering Sciences and Applied Engineering enabling our graduates to get involved in stages of design, construction and management of civil engineering projects, such as structures, Highway Engineering, Hydraulic Networks, Mining, among others.


  • Construction Engineering: with an innovative educational model based on the development of skills, this program offers dual degree: construction engineer and civil construction. It has specialization in Construction Technology, Materials, Structures and Management. Students may obtain graduate and undergraduate degrees, up to the Masters degree in Construction Management in twelve semesters. Moreover, it has modern laboratories: Structures and Hydraulics, Material Testing, and Physics and Computers.


  • Civil Engineering in Computers: prestigious program recognized by the Association of Engineers of Chile since 1999. It is the only career accredited under the name of Civil Engineering in Computers. It is equipped with modern Computing and Physics labs. High-level specialized training is offered in computer science to get involved in a globalized society.


  • Civil Mining Engineering: this specialty trains professionals with mastery of basic science and engineering science, enabling them to understand, rationalize, design and operate the processes involved in the mining industry using high technological standards of quality, safety and social responsibility. Our Civil Mining Engineers develop the skills to interpret and efficiently apply the geological, geotechnical, geo metallurgical models, in the development of a mining project.


  • Computing Engineering: this program offers two minors (it requires a minimum number of students to be taught), that enable students to deepen and specialize in highly updated with a vast future projection. These are Web and Mobile Technologies and Automation and Robotics. Through these references, along with a strong background in Computer Science, the student, upon graduation, will find a wide field of work including mining area that is expanding and employing professional technical resources in all Engineering disciplines.


  • Industrial Civil Engineering: the industrial civil engineers stand out for their ability to plan, direct, organize and control complex organizations, both at a managerial and organizational level. Their observation, diagnosis and analysis skills enable them to design, shape and optimize production (goods or services) and operational systems (logistics, purchasing, inventory control and distribution).