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Faculty of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics and Business educates professionals for leadership, management and creators of a more responsible, ethical and fair country, from an educational project that is based on a know-how and doing things with meaningful methodology.

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences offers the following programs:

  • Business Administration: it offers a strong academic background focused on Economics, Social Sciences and Management. UCEN Business Administration program has trained more than 1,500 professionals in its 31 years of experience. The skills acquired by students allow them to have a free, creative and caring perspective to work in tomorrow's society. It also places special interest in promoting the innovative and proactive potential of students' skills such as leadership and teamwork to be able to function competitively in global business networks.


  • Accounting: the program provides a strong academic background in management and strategic management unit design, providing the knowledge and skills to develop external audits, planning and implementation of financial and tax audits. Besides, it qualifies the students in counseling individuals and organizations in matters related to accounting, finance, audit, tax, information systems and management control. Finally, students obtain the degree of Public Accountant which expands their professional horizons.


  • Agribusiness Engineering: the program prepares students to take on the challenge of transforming Chile into an agricultural power, able to generate innovative business and meet the needs of the global market. As a future professional his disciplinary skills and knowledge are enhanced in two complementary dimensions: production management and entrepreneurship and business management. Its educational model combines training in forestry and agricultural and aquaculture production processes with high expertise in Economics, Finance, Project Evaluation and Business Administration.


  • Fiel Engineering in Business Administration: it is a program that gives a solid background in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Modern Business priority areas. Additionally, students will acquire effective techniques to foster professional leadership, communication skills and teamwork, critical thinking and foresight in economic, management and entrepreneurship abilities, sense of contribution to national development, among others. These areas along with a professional internship lead to a degree at a technical level after completing four semesters. Consequently, at the end of the eighth semester, the student obtains a professional and academic degree.


  • Engineering in Management Control: The program provides those graduate students, educational expertise that qualify them to design, manage, monitor and improve the information systems and the control management systems.
    The graduate student is a creative professional, having ethical training, with skills to perform independent tasks, able to join work teams and to interact effectively at different levels of the organization and with professionals coming from the various disciplines.