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Faculty of Communications

The Faculty of Communications prepares professionals capable of reflection, critical and creative thinking, cultured, versatile, entrepreneurial, and committed to the truth, ethics, pluralism and democracy and with a high skill in media technologies.

The programs taught by the Faculty of Communications are:


  • Journalism: program focused on practical and ethical training of students. It guides its curriculum mainly on practical fields of audiovisual and digital communications. The students also have access to the latest technology to produce products according to different audiences.


  • Advertising: the program develops since the first academic year the practical exercise of advertising through campaigns, creative activities, competitions, festivals, among others. Its differentiating element is linked to strategic and creative thinking and understanding through reflection and observation of social phenomena to develop ideas and concepts that are the essence of advertising. The School of Advertising provides the opportunity to be in contact with the actual practice of the profession through lectures, competitions, workshops, advertising festivals and campaigns with real customers. Students also have access to work with the latest technology.