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Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

The Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Landscape has great tradition and prestige in the training of architects and landscape architects able to work with creativity and rigor in architectural, urban and landscape projects.

Its mission is to contribute to national development through academic excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, artistic creation, extension and community service, through studies and projects related to architecture, urbanism and landscape, with emphasis on the environment, heritage, the city and territory.

The faculty is member of international and national networks, as Erasmus Mundus, the International Federation of Landscape Architects IFLA, the Latin American Association of Schools of Architecture and the Chilean Association of Schools of Architecture. Besides, it counts with exchange programs in conjunction with European and Latin American universities.

The programs in the Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Landscape are:

  • Architecture: with over 30 years of experience in higher education, the Architecture Program is widely recognized and considered one of the best schools in the country, which is highly supported by its national and international accreditations.
  • Landscape Architecture: the only Program in the country that grants the academic degree of bachelor in landscape and environment, and leads to the professional degree of Landscape Architect. It is also part of IFLA networks, Lenotre, FLACAM and ALFA Pehuén, which promotes exchange and research opportunities.

Additionally, it has the following work and research centers:

  • Center for Architectural Studies, Urban Planning and Landscape (CEAUP)
  • Heritage Tourism Institute
  • Bioclimatic Laboratory


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