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The English Course is a theoretical-practical course aimed at promoting linguistic-communicational skills in students, such as: listening comprehension, oral communication, reading comprehension and written communication, which allow them to manage daily life, professional and workplace situations that involve effective communication in English, with varying levels of performance.

The English Programme offers four English courses to students at Universidad Central from various faculties. These courses are aimed at developing the fours skills in the use of English. We have developed different syllabi according to the needs of our students and the demands of their prospective careers, providing an emphasis on English for Specific Purposes (ESP). In general terms, our courses can be equated to different international standards:


TOEIC* Bridge



CEFR*** Level

Inglés I - Introductorio





Inglés II - Básico



Inglés III - Básico SUPERIOR



Level 1


Inglés IV - Pre-Intermedio



* TOEIC: Test of English for International Communication
** ALTE: Association of Language Testers in Europe
*** CEF: Common European Framework of Reference


In order to guarantee our standards of quality and to reward our students’ effort, the Universidad Central’s English Programme offers 10 outstanding students every year an opportunity to do the TOEIC exam for free, in order to certify their level of English internationally.

The different courses offered by the English Programme can be further specified as follows:

  • Inglés I establishes a level of access to language by means of which the student will develop the communicative skills necessary for the exchange of information in predictable settings, through prefabricated phrases and expressions, in a telegraphic fashion.
  • Inglés II establishes a level of platform to language in which the student will develop the communicative skills necessary to understand simple and direct information, by expressing themself in familiar settings through a simple use of language, appropriate for elementary purposes.
  • Inglés III corresponds to the level that offers the threshold in language for the student to begin their process of development of the communicative skills that will allow them to cope through simple language use in a framework of predictable and unfamiliar situations, always in limited settings.
  • Inglés IV corresponds to the level of language user by means of which the student will be able to use the language with relative precision, becoming aware of their mistakes and showing confidence and a certain mastery of conventions of usage, in predictable and unfamiliar situations, in limited settings.