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Welcome to the English Programme Website for students and teachers. Here you will find links to news from all over the world, news about the English Programme, activities of interest for our students, and a blog where you can also participate and comment.



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In this section, we’ll inform you about interesting events happening in Santiago, for you to put your English into good practice.


Meetings with the group Políglota

This group of people get together very often to speak English at different pubs and restaurants. It’s a very good opportunity to learn and especially, put your knowledge into practice. You can find out where the new meeting is going to be at:

A lot of different people with very different levels of English go to the meetings, from very basic to quite advanced speakers, so jump in!


Teatro Chaos

Jacob Chaos is a Canadian actor and teacher of English. He lives in Chile now, and his project is Teatro Chaos. Teatro Chaos was founded in March, 2012, with a mandate to produce professional theatre in English, to provide workshops for EFL learners incorporating theatrical techniques, and act as a resource for English theatre in Chile and the southern cone. The first play was The Man with One Idea, a play in English. You can an excerpt from the play

And you can check information on coming shows and plays