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Estudiantes y equipo docente del Programa de Inglés celebran el bicentenario del nacimiento del escritor Charles Dickens

Imagen foto_00000002On January 2nd 2013, the English Program celebrated the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.

Dickens is much loved for his great contribution to classic English literature. He is also considered a social critic because his novels describe the social conditions in England in the Victorian period.

From May 2011 up to now, Dickens's life, works and legacy have been explored in a series of exhibitions, lectures, plays and festival across the globe (France, Switzerland, USA, etc).

Mr. Roberto Figueroa, teacher of the English Program UCENTRAL, traveled to England in February 2012, and he visited Dickens' Museum in London (just reopened in December 2012), and he wanted to share his experience, so he gave a brief lecture about Charles Dickens.

Similarly, two of our teachers: Miss Margorie Rivera and Miss Catalina Martinez encouraged their students to explore Dickens's work, and the best products of their efforts were awarded in this event. On top of this, this event was also attended by Mr. Angel Bate who is the director of Culture Department of Universidad Central de Chile.