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Jueves 23 de Noviembre de 2023

The cycle of Health and Wellness seminars ended intending to become an annual event

On the last day of the event the Research and Postgraduate Institute of FAMEDSA, presented its progress in the research line of Food Sciences, conducted by Dr Loreto Muñoz.

With the presence of students and teachers, the last session of the Seminar "Health and Wellbeing - Power of Food" was held, led by FAMEDSA’s professor and researcher, Dr Loreto Muñoz.

The focus of Dr Muñoz's presentation was FAMEDSA’s progress in the research line of Food Sciences, addressing the natural properties, the benefits in terms of food, and the impact of seeds and grains on people's diets.

“A healthy diet is transcendent (...) it has a multicultural aspect because gets its richness from diverse traditions. The State is fundamental in the creation of public policies; it aims at sustainability, at caring for the planet and the environment," said Professor Muñoz.

Dr Muñoz's presentation was followed by Carolina Chica, Researcher of Regulatory Affairs in Nutrition at BENEXIA, a company that exports chia.  Ms. Chica commented that " education and information are important in the promotion of chia and other healthy elements, even at an economic level. We could stop spending 2,000 pesos on drinks and buy lettuce and drink water. It is not entirely true healthy consumption of food is impossible because of its high price." Along these lines, Professor Muñoz noted that "it is an investment. Maybe it's expensive today, but it's saving for old age”

The event took place at the university’s Red Lounge and had the assistance of the president of the Honorable Board of Directors of the Universidad Central, Dr Patricio Silva Rojas, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Dr Gisela Alarcón Rojas, the secretary of the Faculty, Vanessa Hormazábal Bustamante, and the director of the Institute of Research and Postgraduate Studies Paola Andreucci Annunziata.

After the presentations, the attendees shared coffee and traditional healthy foods.