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Researchers from FAMEDSA's Research and Postgraduate Institute are developing a rich agenda of research activities in Spain

Dr. Daniel Sánchez Brkic was invited to teach research methodology at the Universidad de Sevilla, while Dr. Pedro Salinas Quintana presented his line of research on highly sensitive people at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the City of Madrid Science Fair.

During November, Dr. Daniel Sánchez carried out a series of research activities in Spain, to position his research line on university academics' mental health, His role as a guest professor in the seminar on research methodology in this doctoral program is considered of much relevance.

Dr. Daniel Sánchez also participated in seminars at the Universidad de Baleares attending working meetings with other researchers from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and the Universidad de Granada.  Dr Sánchez, says "It is a true pride to be considered as a teacher on one of the research methodology modules of the PhD program from which I graduated. Even more exciting is to be recognized as a researcher by my professors, especially by Dr. Cristina Murillo".

Dr. Pedro Salinas also developed an intense agenda of activities during the first half of November. First, he presented the advancement of his research line on highly sensitive people at the I International Congress on Sensitive Education at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. He also participated in academic discussions related to Sensitivity in Sensory Processing (SPS) and Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Dr Salinas was also invited to present at the City of Madrid Science Fair, where he referred to his research sharing knowledge and experiences with other experts in the field of sensory sensitivity.

It is important to note that Dr Pedro Salinas Quintana's visit was crucially supported by the Research and Postgraduate Institute of the Faculty of Medicine and Health, thus consolidating the university's commitment to cutting-edge lines of research in Chile.

Dr Salinas, reckons: “This academic journey not only strengthened the international presence of Universidad Central, but also generated an exchange of ideas and collaborations that will undoubtedly enrich the global academic community. In this way, the tour was not only an opportunity to share knowledge but also to build bridges to a future of joint research and significant advances in the field of sensitivity".