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Researcher in the area of Medicinal and Bioinorganic Chemistry participates in the National Symposium on Organic Chemistry (SINAQQ).

At this event, Dr Marco Mellado presented the topic "Synthesis, photophysical and chemosensor properties of 2-aminopyrimidine derivatives".

The National Symposium of Organic Chemistry (SINAQO) was held in the city of Rosario, Argentina, between November 5 and November 9. In this event the researcher of the Research and Postgraduate Institute of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr Marco Mellado, representing the Universidad Central de Chile with the work "Synthesis, photophysical and chemo sensing properties of 2-aminopyrimidine derivatives".

The focus of this project is based on the use of the fluorescent properties of some pyrimidines and the change this property undergoes when detecting cations involved in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.  According to Dr Mellado, "the development of fluorescence-based methodologies is a powerful tool that could allow an eventual early diagnosis of this type of disease using techniques that are easy to interpret, quick to analyze, economical (when compared to other analytical techniques) and non-destructive.