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Lunes 22 de Mayo de 2023

Researcher participates in the elaboration of the sustainable mobility policy with a gender perspective for the Metropolitan Region

Dr. Susana Cortés, from the Research and Postgraduate Education Institute participates in the drafting commission of this regional public policy.

Dr. Susana Cortés, from the Research and Graduate Institute of the Faculty of Health of the Universidad Central, was invited to contribute to the drafting of the public policy for sustainable mobility with a gender perspective for the Metropolitan Region. The task was commissioned to the Mobility and Territories Nucleus (MOVYT) team, led by Dr. Walter Imilan, from the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering of the Universidad Central, by the Metropolitan Regional Government.

The researcher was invited due to her experience with mobility from an interdependent perspective, focused on family and childhood mobility practices.

Her role in the commission will be to build the theoretical framework on the gender, intersectionality and care aspects, reviewing both the academic literature and public policies that have incorporated these approaches in Chile and internationally. Dr. Cortez will work together with Dr. Paola Jirón from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Universidad de Chile. This framework will provide the contents for the policy final recommendations.

In the opinion of Dr. Cortés, this initiative “is a very positive indication that the Regional Government wants to incorporate a gender perspective when thinking about how to promote or facilitate sustainable modes of mobility in the Metropolitan Region. If we really want to influence the way mobility systems transition towards more sustainable cities, it is essential to first understand that people do not move independently (even when we travel alone), but instead, that our movements are always related to needs, interests and movements of other people”.