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Martes 23 de Mayo de 2023

New researchers join the Research and Postgraduate Education Institute

Researchers Loreto Muñoz and Liliana Zura will develop the food innovation and sustainability research line.

At the beginning of April, Dr. Loreto Muñoz and Dr. Liliana Zura joined the team of researchers at the Research and Postgraduate Education Institute, where they will develop a new research line in food innovation, which will enhance the work developed by the academics belonging to the Nutrition and Dietetics Program of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Loreto has a PhD in Food Science and Engineering from the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela and a PhD in Engineering Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a Master's in Food Sciences from the Universidad de Chile and Food Engineer from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile. She is currently research academic, Director of the Laboratory of Food Sciences LabCial of the Universidad Central de Chile, and the International Coordinator of the CHIA-LINK Network.

Her research has been focused on the extraction and characterization of food materials of plant origin such as seeds, grains and legumes in terms of their microstructural, physical-chemical and functional properties; as well as in the study of digestibility, bioaccessibility and health related effects. These investigations are financed through UCEN internal funds and Fondecyt.

For her part, Liliana has a PhD in Food and Bioprocess Engineering and a Master's of Science degree with a mention in Food Engineering and Food Engineer from the Universidad de La Serena. She also holds a Diploma in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals from INTA - Universidad de Chile and a diploma in University Teaching in the Context of Attention to Diversity from the Universidad Andrés Bello. It has several indexed publications, presentations in Congresses and participation in Research Projects. Currently, she is a research academic at the FacSalud Research Postgraduate Studies Institute of the Universidad Central de Chile and works at LabCial together with Dr. Muñoz.

Dr. Zura's lines of research are mainly focused on the study of probiotic, prebiotic and functional foods, the study of microbiological interaction (microbiota) on biocomponents, food analysis and quality, and food preservation processes.

Regarding her arrival at the Institute, Dr. Muñoz points out “We feel honored to join the Research and Postgraduate Education Institute of the Faculty of Health Sciences and we are happy to start working with the team. We hope to make a significant contribution to strengthening research lines and fostering effective collaboration both inside and outside the faculty. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to making a positive difference in the academic and research community."

We give you the best of welcomes to the FACSALUD Research and Postgraduate Education Institute.