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Lunes 4 de Septiembre de 2023

Institute for Research and Postgraduate Studies holds a series of seminars "Health and Well-being"

The conferences, which began in August and will run until December, address topics such as aging, technology and health, the power of food, and migration and health.

On August 4, a cycle of monthly seminars promoted by the Institute of Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad Central, addressing different topics related to "Health and Well-being" was launched.

"Our idea of a permanent seminar is about selecting a theme, which in this case is health and well-being, and approaching it from different perspectives. Our Institute holds multiple disciplines, so it seems that we should take advantage of this capital and approach the issue of health from the perspectives from which each discipline is researching. Why health and wellness? It seems to us, without a doubt, that these two constructs are in dialogue, that somehow, they enrich each other, although some degree of tension can appear between them" says the director of the Institute, Paola Andreucci.

At September's gathering, held last Friday, the theme "Aging and ageism" was addressed by the presentation of Doris Sequeira, one of the Institute's researchers, who stressed: "We had the attendance of a large number of students, many of them from the careers of nursing and psychology, who have a preponderant role in the care of the elderly.  Because there is not much motivation to work with the elderly, we hope that the presence of older people among the speakers and participants has at least made the students realize that it is not so bad to grow older and that gerontology is a good area of working and research.

The series of meetings will continue on October 6 at 11 a.m. with the theme "Technology and Health:  Bioethical Implications" and the presentation of Christian Palavecino, a researcher at the Institute, and Pamela Gómez, Legal Director of IMED. Finally, on November 23, "The Power of Food" will be addressed by the researcher, Loreto Muñoz and Carolina Chica, researcher of Regulatory Affairs in Nutrition at Benexia.