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Martes 3 de Octubre de 2023

Dr. Christian Palavecino participates in a talk for UTEM students

“Antimicrobial photodynamic activity and synergy of the photosensitizers compound” fue el tema que abordó el investigador.

The researcher of the Research and Postgraduate Institute of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Dr. Christian Palavecino, participated in a conference at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTEM) giving a master class to chemistry students of this university. Dr. Palavecimo lectured about the use of porous materials for the electrophoretic fractionation of organic macromolecules, addressing the versatility of agarose matrices for the visualization and characterization of polynucleotides such as DNA and RNA, and the use of acrylamide matrices for peptide characterization.

Subsequently, Dr. Palavecino gave a talk entitled "Antimicrobial photodynamic activity and synergy of the photosensitizers compound". This talk was open to the UTEM community and the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Chile. The talk was attended by fellow researchers and collaborators, Dr. Iván Gonzalez from UTEM and Dr. Paulina Dreyse from Universidad de Chile. In the talk, Dr. Palavecino addressed the problems caused by the rapid increase of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria of medical interest and the promising results that his research group has obtained with photodynamic therapy to complement antibiotic therapy.