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Martes 26 de Septiembre de 2023

A new version of the Senior Citizens' Classroom has been launched

These are continuing education activities aimed at people aged 60 and over, from Santiago and nearby communes who, due to lack of resources, cannot attend paid courses.

During August, a new version of the "Angélica Franzani" Senior Classroom began at the premises of the Research and Postgraduate Institute of FAMEDSA. The classroom is focused on the elderly and consists of continuing education activities, designed according to the interests expressed by the attendees and the integration of students through public engagement activities.

The objective of this initiative is to foster intergenerational relationships, reduce negative stereotypes towards old age, and position the University as a reference for social commitment and engagement within the community in which it is inserted and, with this, being coherent with its founder's values. 

The participants of this senior classroom, are aged 60 and over (some of them are younger) and belong to Santiago and nearby municipalities. Some of them are members of local organizations located near the University. Some are professionals, some are not, They are all retired citizens who belong to the less wealthy economics segments, reason why it is difficult for them to attend paid courses.

Researcher Doris Sequeira, who leads this activity, highlights:  "It is my great satisfaction to be able to make available, not only to the students but also to people in the community, what I have learned in my Ph.D. and through my work experience, to be able to fulfill my social commitment".

The "Angélica Franzani" senior class honors the memory of one of the first and oldest participants of the senior classroom, who passed away in the summer of 2019. Angelica made a tremendous contribution by sharing her life experience with the students.