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Dr. Lolas participates in the conference "Old age, aging and ethical principles"

Review the entire conference of Dr. Fernando Lolas Stepke.

On October 20, the conference "Old Age, Aging and Ethical Principles" was held by the regional vice president of the WFMH President Latin America 2021-2023, and a member of the Facsalud Research and Postgraduate Studies Institute, Dr. Fernando Lolas Stepke, and organized by the Aguascalientes Bioethics Commission, Mexico.

In this instance, the Physician and specialist in Psychiatry from the University of Chile reflected on the increase in the number of older adults in recent decades and the greater longevity of people, which will bring a high demand for services for the final stages of life.

Old age is a stage of impairment and loss. Both in terms of what is visible and in terms of performance, the biological body ceases to be what it used to be and is transformed in a negative sense.

"Along with the biological and biographical sphere, there is a third, the social sphere, which we can call the value sphere. Old age is a biographical stage, evidenced by certain external attributes. According to the social clock of each community, duties and rights are assigned. All norms of behavior are meaningless if there is no freedom to accept or reject them. This is how dialogue can be exercised, which constitutes social life; when it is lost, one's identity as a moral agent or autonomous person suffers”.

The quality of life’s ethics in old age must be founded and based on sober, modest, and achievable expectations", the UCEN researcher said.

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