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Technical Careers

The Universidad Central started his Technical Careers program on 2010 in response to the growing demand in the country for technical professionals as input for development. It offers a dynamic system based on the progressive acquisition of skills and competencies, which allow students: enter the market in the short term and improve their employment opportunities and economic prospects.

Teacher Quality
To ensure teacher quality criteria such as vocational training, teaching experience and professional performance are considered. This ensures that the teacher guiding the learning process of future technicians has the necessary skills to meet this challenge.

The training is framed in a competency model approach, which is emphasized by the university for the active development of the learning process of students, incorporating elements such as motivation and affective commitment of the student in the acquisition of learning.

Study Methodology
Methodological strategies ensure learning experiences related to knowledge, know-how and acting ethically. It emphasizes the practical approach, favoring problem solving and participation in the development of projects. The uses of information technology and laboratory work are encouraged.

Labs and Infrastructure
Students have access to the entire infrastructure of the Universidad Central: computer, structure, materials testing and languages laboratories, and numerous research centers in different areas of development, five libraries with more than 100,000 volumes, cafeteria, a complete sports center, WIFI areas and green and open spaces for university life.



  • Advanced Technician in Accounting
  • Advanced Technician in Construction
  • Advanced Technician in Business Administration
  • Advanced Technician in Nursing
  • Advanced Technician in Mining
  • Advanced Technician in Physical Personal Training